rower liu na trawie


Liu is a bicycle specially designed for women. The delicate and streamlined frame shape with a strong rounded indentation towards the inside of the seat tube facilitates mounting and emphasizes the character of the entire bike's construction.

The presented model is an electric version with a 250 W power on the Befang system with a central drive on the crankset.

Thanks to this, any steeper incline will not be a problem. The drive allows for speed adjustment from 1 to 9. It supports you while pedaling, and when you simply don't feel like pedaling, you have the power lever at your fingertips.

The uniqueness of the presented model also includes an incredibly comfortable leather saddle with suspension, leather grips, front wheel suspension on a springer fork, front and rear brakes controlled from the handlebars, as well as front and rear LED lights and wide wheels, protected by fenders.
The icing on the cake is, of course, the gold-white color scheme, which makes an amazing impression in person.

It's impossible to pass by this bicycle indifferently. It combines beauty and elegance with blissful riding comfort.

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