Adrian Lucejko Custom Bikes

Outstanding boutique bicycles with one-of-a-kind look and form. In his body of work the author designed dozens of bikes, prised not only in Poland, but also in Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, France) and across the pond, in the US. He is particularly highly regarded on the German market for his custom-bike creations. In Poland CUSTOM BIKES is a well-recognized brand and many of its projects have adorned private collections, which appreciate style, professionalism, quality and comfort, as much as its commercial and promotional orders.

Ergonomic bicycles featuring original shapes and designed to individual preferences. Adrian Łucejko's integrated approach begins with conceptual sketches and ends with autonomous manufacturing of each model.

The designer draws inspiration from motorcycles, automobiles or nature, but, equally, utilises his own futuristic imagery. Searching for the most interesting form may take months. The goal is to create a bicycle of exceptional look, ensuring, simultaneously, maximum comfort and pleasure of the ride. We also deliver bike frames, handlebars, sprockets and forks to order.

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